Workshop Join Path Based Data Augmentation for Decision Trees - Andra Ionescu, Rihan Hai, Marios Fragkoulis, Asterios Katsifodimos - ICDE, DBML Workshop ( to appear )

Abstract Amalur: Next-generation Data Integration in Data Lakes - Rihan Hai, Christos Koutras, Andra Ionescu, Asterios Katsifodimos - CIDR ( PDF )


Demo Valentine in Action: Matching Tabular Data at Scale - Christos Koutras, Kyriakos Psarakis, George Siachamis, Andra Ionescu, Marios Fragkoulis, Angela Bonifati, Asterios Katsifodimos - VLDB ( PDF | Website )

Workshop Interactive Data Discovery in Data Lakes - Andra Ionescu - VLDB, PhD Workshop ( PDF )

Conference Valentine: Evaluating Matching Techniques for Dataset Discovery - Christos Koutras, George Siachamis, Andra Ionescu, Kyriakos Psarakis, Jerry Brons, Marios Fragkoulis, Christoph Lofi, Angela Bonifati, Asterios Katsifodimos - ICDE ( PDF | Website )


Abstract Scalable Discovery of Complementary Datasets in Data Lakes - Andra Ionescu, Marios Fragkoulis, Asterios Katsifodimos - DBDBD ( PDF | Poster )